Emergency Plan
Jackson County Missouri Amateur Radio Emergency Service


1.1  The Jackson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is composed of FCC licensed Amateur Radio operators who have voluntarily registered their capabilities and equipment for public service communications duty.

1.2  Under Federal regulations, Amateur Radio public service communications are furnished without compensation.

1.3  The Jackson County ARES functions under this Emergency Plan under the direction of the Jackson County ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC) who is appointed by the ARRL Missouri Section Emergency Coordinator.

1.4  The EC may appoint assistant ECs as needed for the ARES for to function efficiently.


2.1  The purpose of this plan is to provide a written guide containing the minimum information that would be needed in an emergency. Each emergency is different and flexibility to provide an adequate response without unnecessary burden is a necessity.

2.2  The primary responsibility of the Jackson County ARES is to furnish communication if there is a disaster, when regular communications fail or are inadequate.

2.3  ARES desires to furnish requested communication to agencies or organizations within Jackson County to the extent of Jackson County ARES resources. It also intends to offer mutual aid outside Jackson County as a secondary priority. Response will be in accordance to Missouri Section ARES plans and applicable established local, state and national MOUs.

2..4  All drills, training and instruction shall be carried out to assure readiness to respond in a quick and competent manner in providing effective amateur emergency communications whenever an occasion arises.


3.1  Any member of the Jackson County ARES, who, for any reason, suspects a communication emergency exists, should monitor the assigned net frequency for activity.

3.2  If local telephone service is available the EC and/or assistant ECs should be notified by telephone.

3.3  In an emergency in which Amateur Radio might serve, Amateur Radio operators by be alerted by any city, Jackson County or disaster service official notifying the EC.


4.1  If telephone service is available, members will be contacted by that means.

4.2  Upon the awareness of notification that a communications emergency exists, Jackson County ARES members will call into the Jackson County ARES net on 146.370/146.970 MHz. FM repeater. This will be the designated primary repeater. The alternate repeater is the 147.870/147.270 MHz. FM repeater.

4.3  The EC or designated station will assume net control (NCS). Circumstances will determine location of the NCS.

4.4  Mobile units are activated and dispatched as needed.

4.5  Liaisons and shadows for officials are assigned and dispatched as needed.


5.1  In the interest of accuracy, third-party official communication messages should be supported in writing by any handling station. Use of standard ARRL form for this purpose is encouraged.

5.2  Message precedence of EMERGENCY, Priority, Welfare and Routine, as defined on ARRL Form FSD-3, shall be used on all official messages.

5.3  All originated messages must be signed by the official who originate them and include his title, taking responsibility for their contents.

5.4  Stations do not transmit unless invited to do so by NCS. The exception would be for a station having EMERGENCY tactical or written traffic. Use of the proword "break" will serve to attract NCS attention to EMERGENCY traffic.

     20 June, 2001